Partner Programme

Get paid to help the next generation





Partner Programme

Get paid to help the next generation



Why join the programme?

  • Get paid to give back and support aspiring athletes

  • Exclusive discounts and offers for your audience or club

  • Partner with a new and exciting platform dedicated to athlete support, education and community



How it works: 

Sign up
Fill out a simple form to become a partner.

Get your unique link
Receive your personalised partner link/code to share with your audience.

Share the link with your social media, website, or in person.

Earn commissions
Get rewarded financially for every successful sign-up through your link.

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Benefits at a Glance:

  • Earn up to 25% commission for each new member you bring!
  • Access ready-to-use posts and email templates or get creative with your own personal touch!
  • Champion a motivated community of aspiring athletes, coaches and parents.

Ready to Get Started?

Become a partner today and get paid to help us support the next generation of athletes.

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