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Kara-Aretha Graham

PhD, CPsychol, FHEA, PG Cert

My Name is Kara-Aretha Graham and I am a Performance Psychologist. 

Focusing on the whole person and as a unique individual, I have years of experience as a student, athlete, coach and performance psychologist. My main areas of interest include, but are not limited to, Motivation, Goal Setting, Confidence and the Female Student-Athletes.

The female student athlete experience is unique. The increase of female student athlete suicides has increased. High levels of anxiety, increased expectations both academically and athletically can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed.

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Richard Abell

Richard Abell

MBACP (Reg), MA, PG Cert

I'm Richard. A Performance Coach Who Helps Individuals Achieve Their Goals, Grow, Focus and so Much More.

So why am I different to any other coaches you may find in your search? Ten years as a psychotherapist working with clients from all walks of life, latterly specialising in the highly pressurised world of professional sport (premier league football, international and first class cricket, horse racing and more) allows me to bring a different skill set to coaching.

My goal is to help a client to achieve self-actualisation; to get closer to their best self. I firmly believe that in any therapeutic and coaching dynamic the quality of the relationship is key. Please use the button below to book a free ‘chemistry test’ call to determine our suitability to work together.

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Ellie Threlkeld

BSc, MSc, Trainee Sports Psychologist (Stage 2 QSEP)

Hi! I'm Ellie and I Am a Professional Cricketer and Sports Psych in Training.

As a current professional athlete, I offer a unique perspective and understanding of the mental side of sport and am passionate about helping people to achieve their goals. Following my MSc in Sports Psychology, I am currently undergoing supervised applied practice as part of my Stage 2 Qualification in Sport and Exercise Psychology (QSEP) with the BPS, I'd love to help you navigate your journey! 


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Thomas Miller

BSc, MSc, Trainee Sports Psychologist (Stage 2 QSEP)

I'm Thomas, a former track and field athlete, sport psychologist in training, and researcher in disability sport and mental health!

As a former international athlete, I understand the highs and lows of navigating a career in sport and the psychological demands this brings - whether it be performance anxiety or coping with the reality of injuries. Please feel free to reach out to see if working together is right for you. Thomas is currently under supervised practice as part of Stage 2 qualification in Sport and Exercise Psychology (QSEP) with the BPS.


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Abi Woodliffe-Thomas edited

Abi Woodliffe-Thomas


Hey, I'm Abi and I'm a Performance Nutritionist Currently Working at Tottenham Hotspurs FC.

As a former international gymnast, I've worked with athletes across a number of sports, such as football, cricket, running, ultra running and more.

My approach goes beyond conventional nutrition, instead adopting an individualised approach for the athletes training, goals and environment– she skillfully employs her education to fuel performance and training.

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Sandy Wilson

BSc, MSc, PhD

Hi Everyone, I'm Sandy and I Help Student-Athletes Improve Their Sleep Performance and Habits.

I am a sports scientist who specialises in sleep and its relationship with recovery, performance, and well-being. I primarily work with student-athletes, whilst completing my PhD exploring sleep behaviour change in student-athletes.

I help student-athletes with sleep hygiene strategies, sleep for training and competition, sleep tracker measurement/interpretation and more.


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Female Athletes 

Emma Quinn Profile Pic

Emma Quinn

BSc, MSc, PhD (ongoing)

Hello! My name is Emma and I’m a doctoral researcher in menstruation.

Following my experiences of battling difficult menstruation and the performance expectations of competitive sport, I developed an interest in the topic of menstruation in sport. During my BSc and MSc in sport psychology I researched athletes’ experiences of menstruating in the culture of elite sport, and IDT practitioners’ experiences of menstrual support provision.

Alongside my PhD that focuses on menstruation, mental health, and stigma, I work with support staff and athletes to improve awareness and understanding of the menstrual cycle and develop discussions about menstrual support in sport.

If you’ve had difficult experiences of menstruation in sport, want to learn more, or have any questions please reach out and we can start a conversation. 

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